Highlights - envogue

Highlights - envogue

This section will offer highlights throughout the whole project lifetime like meetings, articles, conference outlooks and much more.



Final Conference Rome



From the 29th to 30th of September (2011) the final conference of the educational project ‘En Vogue – a tailor-made educational programme to provide an attractive stage for young female learners’ took place in Rome, Italy.

Delegates from 15 countries came to hear about the rationale and ethos of this EU co-funded project which has been lasting for two years now.

Representatives of the partnership countries, i.e. Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey and Sweden, as well as international guests from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Slovakia participated at this event.

During this two-days-event, the En Vogue’s impact on the target group of disadvantaged, low-level educated, young female learners was discussed. The participants concentrated on the effects of the didactic materials En Vogue Handbook and En Vogue Toolbox. In the afternoon of the conference’s first day, the conference guests could participate in some toolbox activities. The workshop consisted out of three first hand ‘implementation’ workshops which the participants considered a lot of fun


While some of them were organising a personal ‘before’ and ‘after’ appearance session, others elaborated historical and cultural differences in fashion along the last decades in Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Turkey and Austria.

The third group discussed how difficult or easy it was to ‘take care of one’s own clothes, following the description of one of the tools and what young generations would probably do. New ideas about the use of the elaborated educational materials for these young women were brought up. The delegates’ feedback was very positive. All of them showed interest in using the En Vogue resources in their own institutions and networks.

Here is what one of them said:


“What I enjoyed most have been the presented products of the project, the conference atmosphere and attitude towards the issue of all conference participants. It is a huge amount of materials and products and things are really very useful, inspiring and creative.” (Multiplier Vintra Puke, Liepaja University, Latvia)

More pictures taken during the conference

Conference presentations:

Welcome & introduction of meeting objectives, by project coordinator, Karin Kronika (BEST) - Download.pdf

Fashion and young deprived female learners Introduction to En Vogue, the project by Helmut Kronika (BEST) - Download.pdf

Fashion in didactic materials for female learners En Vogue Handbook and Toolbox in short by Katie Peyton-Lister (Careers Europe)  - Download.pdf

En Vogue promotion events - some examples by Tord Hansson (FOLK) - Download.pdf

En Vogue’s successful mainstreaming by Martina Bachmeier (VHS Cham) -Donwnload.pdf

Example tools used during the workshops:

A trip in the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, 50’s

Try a new look: before and after

Taking care of one’s clothes



Çankiri Karatekin University Technical and Business College, partner in this project, participated at the Vocational and Technical College Fair in Ankara this year. This fair attracted some 1100 people, many of whom are students and teachers of Vocational Girl Schools in Turkey.

Vocational and Technical Education Fair in Ankara

On April 29th, Riza Gurbuz (Principal of Cankiri Technical and Business College) held a presentation at the conference saloon about the college and its activities, as well as about the projects they are involved in. The En Vogue project was introduced there and at a stand where visitors received the En Vogue leaflet and further details about our project.

Malmo Calling

On Monday, 4th April, and Tuesday, 5th April 2011, the En Vogue project partnership met in Malmo, Sweden, in order to discuss the progress of the project and plan the final conference. All partners talked about the events in their countries which have been carried out in the framework of En Vogue. Last but not least, the En Vogue partnership planned the final conference which is going to take place in Rome in September 2011.

The project partners in Malmo (Sweden)

The Concept for En Vogue Demonstration Events which is going to support educational providers in the promotion of En Vogue products was discussed and further elaborated. Additionally, the partnership modified the En Vogue Mainstreaming and Multiplication plan which is dedicated to stakeholders, policy makers, other educational providers, as well as the National Strategy Advisory Groups. This product facilitates the introduction of the En Vogue products into regular training programs. During the project meeting, the plan was customized in order to meet the requirements of the specific national situations.

En Vogue visits Barcelona

The most recent En Vogue project meeting, which was held in Barcelona on the 18th and 19th January 2011, incorporated attendees from all partner countries, including Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Turkey.

During this meeting a visit was organised which enabled all partners to see Ravaltext, a company dedicated to the social and labour market integration of women. The main function of this organisation is to embrace in particular young disadvantaged woman and provide them with the opportunity to use their creativity to alter clothes for fashion chains, businesses, public authorities and individuals.


Further issues of the meeting included discussing the projects' products and their development so far. In addition to this, ideas on future demonstration events which will take place throughout the projects life time were shared.


The last meetings is scheduled for autumn 2011 in Rome, together with the final project conference for multipliers from other countries than those participating in the project consortium.

Project Meeting in Toulouse

On Tuesday, 5th October, and Wednesday, 6th October 2010, the project partnership met in Toulouse, France, to discuss and revise the En Vogue Toolbox. With its 90 fashion related tools the Toolbox is a rich source of inspiration for teachers, trainers and guidance counsellors as well as for learners themselves.

Divided into two main sections – ICT aptitude and entrepreneurial aptitude – the Toolbox contains activities of different focus, difficulty level and time horizon to meet the demands of young low-level educated women. While dealing with fashion topics they train their ICT and business competencies “along the way”.

During the project meeting, the tools were systematized and modified to make them as user-friendly as possible. The En Vogue Toolbox comes with lots of supporting materials which are currently assigned to the respective tools in order to make the application of En Vogue tools simple and intuitive. All partners have started to test the products; results will be available by summer 2011 at this website.

En Vogue board game - an example tool

Second Development Workshop

In June 2010, the project partners met in Germany to discuss about 70 tools and activities elaborated for the EnVogue Toolbox and some didactical information for the Handbook. Both will be made available in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the UK by the project partner organisations and associated partners to test the materials in their daily teaching and learning practice with young women.

First Workshop in Bologna

At the first Envogue development workshop, all partners met in Bologna (March 10-12th) in order to discuss how the country analysis results and the conceptual framework will feed into the development of the EnVogue Handbook and Toolbox. Partners designed a structure for both products and set the framework for the development phase to be carried out in the next months.

The Kick-off meeting

The project was introduced through a kick-off meeting held by BEST in Vienna, Austria on the 25th and 26th November 2009. This is only the start of initiatives which support the development of the new EnVogue project.

En Vogue: French ... "the idea of incorporating the way of dressing, behaving, dancing, decorating or an interest (as in a recreation) that is considered especially up-to-date or noticeably following the contemporary trend in such activities… "

... is something which has been kept in focus when developing the projects teaching materials.

The importance of mixing modern, fashionable and up-to-date aspects with traditional teaching methods is evident throughout the EnVogue project and the didactic materials offered.

Day 1

The partners from Austria, the UK, France, Germany Turkey, Spain and Italy met to discuss the projects objectives, tasks, further ideas as well as offering predictions on the projects outcomes and results. The partners from the respective countries also took part in workshops that helped the flow of ideas in terms of creativity and entrepreneurship. An excursion to the Modeschule Hetzendorf and Schönbrun was also organised which allowed partners to familiarise themselves with an Austrian fashion college and teaching approaches applied there.





Day 2

To conclude the two day meeting, dissemination of the project was discussed, including: when to show what to different target groups, like teachers and trainers, adult educators, guidance consultants, policy makers and other. Partners then talked about their associated partners and advisory groups who will support them throughout the project.


Some Demonstration Events

24 - 25 September 2011

The fair was open from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. SURT had a stand with a lot of information about the organisation in general and also about the En Vogue project. During the whole weekend different staff members of SURT were there, providing information and answering the visitants’ questions. In general, everybody was interested in the organisation and in the project. Visitants were informed about the whole project, but especially about the materials created, i.e. handbook and toolbox. There was also a computer where the visitants could check the handbook and the toolbox. With the computer visitants could also visit the En Vogue website.

23 September 2011

15 teachers from 8 vocational girl schools 4 members of the academic staff from 2 different universities and 1 staff member from non-governmental organizations participated in the meeting in Ankara. They were directly concerned with the project materials.

Riza Gurbuz answered the participant’s question and informed the concerning organizations (Vocational Girl High Schools and Women Training Centre) in Ankara/Turkey.

23 September 2011

Oral presentation of En Vogue project given by Aleksandra Sikorska-Ellwanger and Martina Bachmeier, supported by brochures, draft versions of toolbox and handbook as well as website for illustrating the progress of the project with information and photos.

Focus session on the handbook and toolbox with presentation of the draft versions.

Practical exercise of the tool CV Master Class (Europass) with the following main objectives:

  • awareness of different skills and competences which are required in different jobs in fashion industry (tailor - patience and exactness; sales-person – social competences; fashion designer – creativity)
  • knowledge of Europass application form
  • possibility how to use the En Vogue tools in practice
  • information on possible implementation of the tools in different classes (choice of single tools, modular choice, etc.)

Participants could use computers and the schedule offered sufficient time to visit the project’s website in order to get more information of the project.

17 September 2011

Culture day in Kristianstad

Presentation of the project and the audience had the opportunity to ask questions. Flyers were handed out.

15 September 2011

18 people, academic staff from Çankiri, Kastamonu and Sinop Universities, have been invited to meet in Kastamonu (technical and business college) to introduce the project course documents.

8 September 2011

Folkuniversitetes seminar

Presentation of the project; The audience had the opportunity to ask questions.

3 September 2011

The Book Festival was attended by the general public. The event was sponsored by Folkuniversitetet so it was a great opportunity to demonstrate the project.

3 September 2011

Folkuniversitetes day

The event was sponsored by Folkuniversitetet and the En -Vouge project. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate the En Vogue project and its outcomes. This took place outside of Kristianstad city, with dancers, flyers, art etc.

The En Vogue coordinator BEST invited trainers, course designers and VET representatives to a creative En Vogue Demonstration Event in Vienna. First, the participants learned about the project’s aims and objectives. Then they discussed different aspects of En Vogue’s products, focusing on implementation models in daily work. Afterwards, participants went onto an “En Vogue photo safari” to explore the thematic topics “En Vogue and creative thinking related to fashion”.

19 July 2011


Divided into groups, they received cameras with the objective to take creative pictures concerning these subjects. Developing ideas and applying the new tools were the main ideas behind this activity. However, it also helped to demonstrate that learning from one another and working together in an efficient way by combining ‘old’ and ‘new’ didactic tools, like group work and high tech instruments, can lead to interesting and very efficient practical outcomes. As a final step of the demonstration event, the pictures were edited by experts.

15 - 16 July 2011

BEST representatives organised first a presentation to different stakeholders providing main information on the project’s aims, products and other results to then discuss possible implementations and impacts in the Icelandic school system and then demonstrated some of the tools with young learners in public.

11 July 2011

Meeting based on 2 European projects. First one was for tutors.

Second one: Gilles RIVES from IRFASUD showed the handbook, the web site and some tools of the project and organized a discussion with the audience, about EN VOGUE issues.


7 July 2011

Meeting based on the EN VOGUE project. The Handbook and the Toolbox were shown to the people from the Conseil Régional and Pôle Emploi, who are the most important sponsors for training in the region. Single activities were demonstrated to them.

21 June 2011

Open day SURT

16 June 2011

ICEGS event

The event was sponsered by careers europe (and other careers organsations). It was the perfect situation to demonstrate the Envogue tools. This took place in the exhibition time during the conference.

11 June 2011

Meeting based on European opportunities. Gilles RIVES from IRFASUD showed the handbook, the web site and some tools of the project and organized a debate with the audience.

7 June 2011

BEST representatives organised along a seminar a demonstration of activities described in the toolbox and presented the handbook; followed by hands-on sessions, they discussed possible implementation and exploitation into existing courses and training with the participants.

27 May 2011

In the framework of a workshop with trainers and didactic coordinators of different vocational training centres, the topic "how to motivate youngsters" with no successful school experiences; how to reach the learning objectives of the courses. A focus was on which positive experiences the participants developed in their organisations. During the practical session, the results of the En Vogue project, and 2 exercises from the toolbox were demonstrated.

18 May 2011

ISCO ‘Inspiring Futures’ event

Teachers, college representatives, heads and students attended the event. It allowed organsations to show and demonstrate careers and educational resources and courses.

13 May 2011

Presentation of En Vogue project and the products by Winfried Ellwanger (Managing Director), Sabine Gröpel (Vice Managing Director), Aleksandra Sikorska-Ellwanger (European Education Projects), supported by different material to illustrate the progress of the project with information and photos.


9 - 10 May 2011

In the framework of the kick off meeting of a European project, coordinated by SURT, a presentation of the En Vogue project was carried out. When presenting all the activities of the research and innovation area of SURT, special attention was put on the En Vogue project and, especially, on the En Vogue materials produced. During the meeting, participants were invited to read parts of the handbook as well as some of the tools.

29 April 2011

At the CAFE conference hosted by BEST April 29th in Vienna, BEST representatives organised in their exhibition stalls demonstration workshops for conference participants. Various handbook sections and different tools from the toolbox were then discussed with them and they had the possibility to scan through the materials.

20 April 2011

On the occasion of a technical meeting among IAL, trainers, course managers and training designers discussed the following points: the progress and trends of the qualification courses for youngsters; the problem of pupils that leave school (too) early and new characteristics of this target; motivation and innovative practices.

In this framework, the En Vogue results and products enriched the discussion: the analysis of the target, the handbook and toolbox. In particular a sample of the toolbox’s exercises was examined: highlighting objectives, implementation strategies, critical aspects to be considered, plan to fit adequately the youngsters’ characteristics and needs. During the practical session, the result of the En Vogue project was demonstrated and 2 exercises from the toolbox were simulated, one from the IT area and the other one on the entrepreneurial area.

19 April 2011

In the framework of a workshop with trainers and didactic coordinators of different vocational training centres, the topic "how to motivate youngsters" with no successful school experiences; how to reach the learning objectives of the courses. A focus was on which positive experiences the participants developed in their organisations. During the practical session, the results of the En Vogue project, and 2 exercises from the toolbox were demonstrated.

22 February 2011

Oral Presentation of En Vogue Project given by Martina Bachmeier, supported by a PowerPoint file to illustrate the project’s progress with information and photos. Focus session on the product’s handbook and toolbox with presentation of the draft versions. Practical exercise of the tool Europass with the main objectives:

  • awareness of different skills and competences which are required in different jobs in fashion industry (tailor - patience and exactness; sales-person – social competences; fashion designer – creativity)
  • awareness of own skills and competences
  • knowledge of Europass application form
  • knowledge of European standards and labour market

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. 503248-LLP-1-2009-1-AT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.