Links - envogue

Links - envogue

This section provides links to interesting references, documents, statistics or other sources that could be of value to trainers, teachers and guidance counsellors working with low-educated young girls in IT and business courses.

The Federal Minister for Women and Civil Service
A website covering topics such as women's policies and legal matters, promotion of women's projects and equal treatment in the private and public sectors. (in German)
Frauen Sichtbar Machen by Sandra Frauenberger (Frauenstadträtin) A website providing information on events, culture and politics which pioneer women's actions and performance and in Austria. (in German)
Erwachsenenbildung (BM:UKK) An online-platform for everybody who deals with adult education or further education as a learner, teacher or someone working in organisation and administration. It offers orientation on adult education and contributes to the networking and informing of experts.
Behaviour4learning The Behaviour 4 Learning website aims to ensure that teacher educators and trainees are provided with high quality relevant resources that enable trainers and trainees engage with the principles of behaviour for learning to improve the management of classroom behaviour, enable achievement and foster the emotional wellbeing of learners
EU Press releases on Gender EU Press releases on Gender, including 50 years of EU gender equality law
An EU initiative for diversity This website provides information on discrimination and diversity issues as part of the 'For Diversity. Against Discrimination.' information campaign.
European Commission- A guide to gender impact assessment

A German report on gender mainstreaming
Union Learning Organisation Trade union organisations take an active role in providing learning opportunities in the workplace, especially in Skills for Life (literacy, language and numeracy). Union learning representatives are trained to recognise needs and to encourage both employers and employees to take advantage of funding that is available through the Union Learning Funds and the LSC.
Dove Campaign for Real Beauty The principle behind the campaign is to celebrate the natural physical variation embodied by all women and inspire them to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves.It is possible to view a series of online-based short films promoting the self-esteem concept.
The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) aims to encourage all adults to engage in learning of all kinds. The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) aims to encourage all adults to engage in learning of all kinds.
Excellence Gateway On these pages you can access or download the latest versions of a range of skills check (formerly known as screening) and initial assessment tools, suitable for working with Skills for Life learners in different contexts.
Go For Your Life Go for your life' is a Victorian Government initiative which aims to promote healthy eating and increase levels of physical activity. Search the A to Z index for advice on how to stay happy, healthy and active.
The National Womes Health Information Centre The National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC) site provides information to help advance women's health research, services, and public and health professional education.
KulturKontakt Austria (KKA) One of the largest Austrian centres of competence for cultural education, arts & cultural education, cultural dialogue and educational cooperation with Eastern and South East Europe.
Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur (BMUKK)
Federal Office for Education, Arts and Culture
Internationale Gesellschaft für Diversity Management e.V. (idm) International Society for Diversity Management
Designaustria (DA) Austria's only professional association and service organization representing the interests of designers from all the creative disciplines – graphic design and illustration, product design, and web design.
Unit F Büro für Mode A fashion website providing links and information about fashion and art exhibitions taking place in Austria as well as information on projects, designers and fashion photography.
Creative Industries An analysis of the economic potential of the creative industries in Vienna.
The European Cultural Foundation The European Cultural Foundation initiates and supports cultural expression and interaction that empower people to realise a shared future in Europe. We enable voices that are too often unheard to be heard. We link inspirational people and ideas to cultural policy making both in local communities and on the European political stage.
Fashion Networks
The dedicated social network for followers of fashion. Website offering a network,gallery, forum, blogs etc.
IRREER Regional Institute for Educational Research
Dienneti This site offers didactic tools for education and didactics.
Apprendereinrete Learning in networks promotes IT in the education sector
AICA-Italian Association for IT and automatic calculation The Association's objective is to spread ICT knowledgesin all its aspects- scientific, application. economic and social.
Paramond supports students and teachers in the learning and teaching processes
EconomiAscuol Economy at school provides didactic tools to include financial education and economics in school. Technical Assistance to Establish Fashion and Textile Cluster, Turkey Reference Code: EuropeAid/117581/D/SV/TR
skills@works challange competetion (2009-2010) Cankiri Muncipality Culture and Training Center
Federación Mujeres Jóvenes On the website you can find information on equality between women and men and associated issues.
Fundación para la reinserción de mujeres (ARED) This Foundation fosters the autonomy of socially excluded women by means of training and integral accompaniment processes.
APC Asociación para el progreso de las Comunicaciones APC is an international umbrella organisation that aims at fostering the use of the Internet and IT for sustainable development and social justice.
undación Internacional pera la Mujer Emprendedora FIDEM is a non-profit organisation of female entrepreneurs. emerged from the Association for Progressive Communications Women's Networking Support Programmes advocacy work in information and communications technologies (ICTs). The need to have examples of national policy, gender-sensitive language, tools for lobbying and an understanding of the impact of poor or positive policy all within easy access has been expressed by ICT advocates and policy makers alike.
Lobby Europeo de Mujeres The European Women's Lobby (EWL) is the largest umbrella organisation of women's associations in the European Union (EU), working to promote women's rights and equality between women and men. EWL membership extends to organisations in all 27 EU member states and the three candidate countries, as well as to 21 European-wide bodies. Local mission for young people: to give pathways.
Fashion Networks The dedicated social network for followers of fashion. Website with network,gallery, forum, blogs etc.
Regeringens hemsida om mänskliga rättigheter The Swedish governments' human rights' website. Information about the work to combat discrimination on grounds of sex , both in Sweden and internationally.
Den svenska Nämnden för Ungdomsstyrelsen The Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs is a government agency that works to ensure that young people have access to influence and welfare.
Jämställdhet The aim of the government's gender equality policy is, on the one hand, to combat and change systems that preserve the gender-based distribution of power and resources at societal level, and on the other, to create conditions for women and men to enjoy the same power and opportunities to influence their own lives. - med jämställdhet i fokus With gender equality in focus, here you can take advantage of interviews with the gender expert Ingemar Gens, MP Birgitta Ohlsson and Equal Opportunities Ombudsman.
Nätverk Here you can find other networks that are useful for women who run companies. You can search for local, regional, national or international networks. You can also search for direction., is Sweden's largest portal on studies and work!.Here you will find daily updates about studies and work in Sweden and abroad
Hemsida med information om jämställdhet Website about gender.

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