Products - envogue

Products - envogue

The En Vogue products

For teachers, trainers and counsellors the EnVogue products have been designed to combine traditional teaching products in IT and economy classes with fashion orientated teaching materials and approaches to allow female learners to embrace their creative flow and match this with their aim to be successful on the labour market. They help to encourage their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The En Vogue Handbook and the En Vogue Toolbox are the main tools used to support the teaching of the information necessary to empower young female learners in the labour market. But there is further support which the EnVogue project offers further parties such as education providers, stakeholders and policy makers by the provision of the En Vogue Mainstreaming and Multiplication Plan and the Concept for En Vogue Demonstration Events.

En Vogue Handbook

En Vogue Toolbox

Concept for En Vogue Demonstration Events

En Vogue Mainstreaming and Multiplication Plan

The En Vogue Handbook is broken up into various chapters which offer theoretical aspects of the didactic teaching approach, including:

  • the best ways to deal with target groups,

  • information about different learning styles. It gives teachers and trainers the necessary information to enable them to stimulate their learners' entrepreneurial spirit in relation to the world of fashion.

This is a product which runs alongside the En Vogue Handbook. The way in which it is set out is also similar but the main use is to show appropriate didactic approaches with the support of realistic solutions to any problems which may arise.

The aim of this product is to enhance the design of information events. The main target group for this product are educational providers who are unfamiliar with the promotional progress which needs to be undertaken to market educational programs. They offer information related to basic PR strategies and about the steps which should be taken to promote an En Vogue promotional event.


This product focuses on the concentrated exchange with stakeholders, policy makers, other adult education providers and, in particular, the National Strategic Advisory Groups. The aim is to offer information on real life models and sustainable structures. The previously mentioned can use this to introduce the En Vogue products into regular training programmes.






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